About Us

T h e C o m p a n y

At Market Promotion Center we combine creativity, professionalism and experience as the agents of the national and international trade shows. We have built a reputation as the leader in the field of exhibition management staging major shows for a diverse range of industries. We are the authorized agents for many international trade shows. Our full devotion goes to the satisfaction of the customer before and after the show. The company has coordinated Nepali exhibitors in many major trade and consumer shows. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, the shows are developed from initial concepts through to staging. The company, with its main office in Kathmandu operates throughout Nepal, and is linked internationally. We are committed to involving in successful, well-attended events where governments, trade associations and commercial enterprises come together to build prosperous alliances.


Market Promotion Centre Pvt. Ltd. was established during the last decade of the twentieth century. Our aim is to develop and strengthen the foreign trade of the country by means of promoting and organizing and coordinating trade fairs in Nepal and abroad. In order to achieve objective for you, Market Promotion Center works with persons and organizations around the world. These persons are experts in the field of International Trade Fairs, stand design and construction, logistics (passenger and cargo), accommodation, traveling, etc. Our partners include trade fair organizers around the world so that providing space at the right location forms part of our service. It is the global network that allows us to assist you in many countries. The combination of the expertise of Market promotion with the abilities of our global partners and the network of local service providers offers a winning situation for our clients. Market Promotion Center offers a comprehensive listing of all the consumer, public, industrial and trade exhibitions to be held in major venues around the world. It is a unique user-friendly compact service for exhibitors, exhibition organizers and exhibition visitors to find out which exhibitions are being held in the different places of the world.

Business philosophies

By combining experience, Market promotion Centre Pvt. Ltd will be able to create a high satisfaction level.

Geographical markets

Market promotion Centre Pvt. Ltd will primarily aim for the following markets to promote Nepali Exporters in European Nations, UK, and U.S.A.

Vision of the future

The Company looks forward to a promising future, because of our experienced staff, our careful planning and the potential of the targeted market segments. Our pre-market research has shown the market to have plenty or room for a business such as Market Promotion Centre Pvt. Ltd. intends to run. The management style is flexible, progressive and energetic. Enthusiasm of management as well as employees will greatly stimulate the envisioned growth.


Here are some of the Services we provide:
• Market Promotion Center offers a comprehensive listing of all the consumer, public, industrial and trade exhibitions to be held in major venues around the world.
• Trade Fair Counseling
• Stall Booking
• Ticketing
• Agent service for Logistic support
• Hotel Booking at economic prices
• Airport pickup in the specific country
• Visa application and documentation
• Consultation about the goods worthwhile for Exhibition.